Kicking Capacity

Reduce transmission infrastructure
and demands on distribution at peaks

Adapt your settings

Support green and local energy or the cheaper one

Frequency regulation

Sodium cells give you a powerfull capacity to enter to the frequency regulation market

Green power certification 

With both, green producers and consumers, we can guarantee your if the energy you consume is green or not

Power backup 

An independent and reliable backup system

Become a prosumer

By choosing the energy you want to support, you choose the world you want

KickWall uses advanced technology and decentralized technology practices to offer dramatic savings in home energy, all powered by blockchain

When the grid goes down, solar energy will continue to power your home and charge your battery pack

We are already in discussion with energy actors to be part of our energy blockchain

Today, the energy is produced by nuclear, coil, solar wind or else. Thanks to our agent, you can select the energy type you want to support, store and trade.
You can also set up your buying and selling price to meet you savings goal.

Seamless backup power with or without solar

PROSUMER – Give them more choices and meaning: energy they produced will be consumed locally

LOCAL CONSUMER – We create a direct connection between buyer and seller, allowing the consumer to engage with the suppliers (most likely their customers) on a whole new level; the consumer can use locally produced, renewable energy without the need to invest in their own installation

GRID – Encourages the adoption of distributed energy resources allowing more efficient utilisation of existing grid infrastructure. In the long run we prevent the new-building of high-voltage grids and help with the interaction of distributed energy resources

GENERAL – Solution for the growing demand for proper labelling / certification of local green energy

Return on investment



Make the grid greener


Blackout & Carbon emission

You earn each year up to


Be part of the future

Reduce your energy bill and contribute to the energy transition


We connect the KickWall to your home

No matter if you don’t produce your energy alternatively, this will provide you electrical security and economy.

KickWall can be outside or inside your house.


Load your parameters

A transparent solution for both the producer and the end user.
The smart trading is automated by our bot.
Finally, you will just see your energy bill with the ratio of what you have really consumed.

After inputing your expectations to the bot, your consumption will be oriented.

Let the bot handle everything and make savings for you.

You can always manage your buying and selling price, select your energy sourcing per habits.

 We need your support to make it a reality

Be part of our Blocktricity beta test program

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