The future of energy


Energy management

A blockchain based technology to make your grid greener, better and cheeper

An elementary storage module

We have developed two modules with Lithium-ion and Sodium-ion cells with an impressive capacity

Powerful energy storage

A battery wall made of our state of the art elementary module

Automated profit

Our agent can leverage energy to purchase energy when it’s cheaper or free, and either use it or resell it when price peaks

Our goals

KickWall uses advanced and decentralize technology practices to offer you dramatic savings in home energy, all powered by blockchain

An elementary energy block

We provide you an elementary block power

We have two different power blocks

  • A lithium cell block made of recycle cells from our car manufacturer partner (48V – 5A)
  • A sodium cell block, coming from a research lab that allows us to deal with high capacity (48V – 10A)

These two different blocks enable you to get the right amount of power needed for your business or house.

Each block has a dedicated BMS to improve the life cycle and self maintenance.

We have built it to be versatile and easy to maintain.
A BMS manages cell per cell to show you the only failing cell in order to change it without changing the whole module!

Powerwall - Kickwall

Our KickWall is made of 50 blocks that enable to power your house and the grid

•Encourages the adoption of distributed energy resources allowing more efficient utilisation of existing grid infrastructure

•Creates economic incentives through market-based energy pricing encouraging the adoption of distributed generation and distributed storage

2 useful modules can be added to our powerwall

•A fast charging plug to power your electric car
•A big portable battery which can be transported for your power needs

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